Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This piece is 16 x 20 and she is part of a series that I am starting to gather for my upcoming show at ReddiArts, our arts supply store that has a gallery. I am very excited about doing this because it is great exposure.

She had a very bad hair day so a head band had to be painted. I just couldn't get her hair to work. So when all else fails---put a headband I guess. She is collaged and painted and stamps and other stuff were added. I started her several days ago and finished her up late this afternoon. I painted the sides of the canvas brown.
I have digitally (in Photoshop) put the quote in for layout purposes to see how it will look. I do this alot. After thinking about this quote though, I don't think I will use it because it was by Vincent Van Gogh and I don'tthink he was a particularly religious man. For me, I do know many things that are certain (the whole Bible!) so I have decided to pick another quote. Don't know what it will be yet but the layout should look like this when finished.
Tomorrow I will be doing paste paper with the calligraphy students at my studio. I will blog some of my papers if they turn out. I like to paint faces on the paste paper. It makes the faces much smoother.


Doda said...

Lovely. And how wonderful that you are glorifying God with your art.

Your little mouse is in the post today!
(that sounds like some crazy spy code or something)

Gifts of Creation said...

hi Martha!! I love your girls and I am so glad you are having a show. I was thinking that your stuff needs to be out there. I tried a mixed media collage on canvas for my christmas cards. I was wondering what you think

Teresa aka Tess said...

She is very pretty, with or without the quote. I love how everything shows up, all the little detail, when enlarged. I can just imagine how gorgeous all that detail must be in person. Congrats on the show.

lori vliegen said...

i think her headband looks great...happy accidents! have fun making paste paper tomorrow! :)

Brenda said...

She is wonderful Martha, and the headband looks great.


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