Monday, December 29, 2008

More Tulips

Well, hummmm..maybe it's better, maybe it's not---read below the post first---above is the updated inked Tulip. 
Ok, well, so I don't have my Tulip book yet and as Julie said yesterday, they are harder to paint than you would think. Tulips have pedals that are virtually nonexistent here in this painting. I probably could have done that with ink so I will do that and post it later today. When all else fails---INK! They are simple lookin'--hard paintin'--I guess until you know what your're doing. I love Tulips so we will see where the Tulip journey takes me. I want to also do some more acrylic painting of still life in the New Year. Maybe I will take another class at the ______ Gallery here in Jacksonville. I am a glutton for punishment! Nuff said. :)


Gifts of Creation said...

Hi Martha! Nice tulips!! I hope you had a great holiday. I have lots of plans to paint in the new year too, there's so much I can't decide!!

sherry carrigan said...

Your tulips are wonderful with or without the ink. I failed miserably with watercolor, so I enjoy seeing what others are able to accomplish.

Brenda said...

I am loving your tulips, you are so talented.

Teresa aka Tess said...

I trhink your tulips are lovely with or without the ink. They have a folk art look to them and I love folk art. Have a Happy New Year, Tess


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