Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Here is an apple that I painted with acrylic. It is a 5x7 on canvas board. I had painted the apple in watercolor but since watercolor does not do well at all with canvas board I decided to paint over it with acrylic trying to bring the values darker as it moved from the left shaded part of the apple to the highlighted part on the right. It seems that I choose the same colors each time. I should venture out next time and try and different color background.

I was talking to my very good friend and artist pal, Lori ,and she commented about how hard I say everything is to paint. We discussed this feeling that I have and she has suggested to me (she knows me very well) maybe the reason that painting sees so hard for me is that I am trying to emulate other painters that I see and admire and I am not being successful at painting their style. I have a style of my own that I need to embrace. I need to quit comparing my paintings with other paintings which leads me to the feeling that mine is inferior. She is so right. And actually I enjoy painting and yes, sometimes it's hard,especially in the drawing stage---(drawing stage!---well, that's another matter altogether!)

So I will just paint and enjoy it and just see what happens. So here is the apple.

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