Thursday, June 19, 2008


I had an idea which I will try to institute at least while I can. I am still going to paint but my real love is for lettering so I have decided to pick out a verse from my daily Bible reading in Psalms and attempt to make a little calligraphy piece and post it everyday. We'll see what happens. I get antsy doing the same thing everyday---that's why I am a "mixed-up media" artist! 

I scanned a background I had painted on Yupo paper.  In PhotoShop I cropped a portion that looked interesting and printed it on Arches  Text Wove paper.  Then I can write on it with watercolor or gouache.  This is written with Dr. Martins Hydrus watercolor from the bottles.  I have never written with this watercolor but it works great. I will use it again. The size of this is 2 x 5. It would probably make a good bookmark.

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lori vliegen said...

yes! "mixed-up media" artist! mind if i keep you company in that boat? :)


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