Thursday, June 5, 2008


I am working through Tom Brown's workshop in a book and this is a section of the still life that I am planning to paint. He uses oils and I used acrylic. The oil paints and acrylic paints have the same name but the colors are different on the canvas. I will try the whole still life in oils from his workbook and maybe I will post it next week. It has a white vase and more leaves.
By posting my paintings I am not suggesting that they are great paintings---it will be a reference for me as I hopefully continue to paint and improve.
6 hours later:
I just looked at this painting and realized that it really is not good at all. Maybe the light is going in the right direction and the left hand orange has some pretty good highlights on it but the painting looks like it is floating on a plank at night with the moonlight shining in it. I am trying not to be too negative because to improve I have to paint some crappy things. I guess I didn't have to post it. Just as my previous acrylic teacher says---"what do you like about your painting--nothing negative please?" Well, as I said maybe the highlights are pretty good and I learned that grapes are not complicated actually.
So, hopefully the next painting will be better.

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