Monday, June 23, 2008


Ok well, this is what I have done today and if I am to post something everyday then---I have to post. I am taking a drawing class and am learning about shade, shadows, proportions etc.  If anyone is thinking they would ever like to paint anything they see---well, then you have to draw. So for today, it's tomatoes in a brown very wonderful bowl (which didn't work with the watercolor).  So the first is the drawing and the second is a watercolor of the printed first one. Not very successful as a watercolor. Some drawings just need to stay a drawing---period.

  But...Maybe I will try to paint it in acrylic---or maybe oil tomorrow.  We'll see what the muse says.  :)

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lori vliegen said...

i like your drawing, but i also like the watercolor! i think that you did a great job of painting the tomatoes...i love the color variations. i also really like the bowl, but i'm wondering if the lines in the shadow are a little distracting? let me know what you think...


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