Friday, September 11, 2009

Digi-collage ll

Here is another one I have created here while baby and mama are taking a little nap. When I make these collages it is totally intuitive and is a great exercise for just making things work together in a collage format. The problem is---when to stop! This one may have gone just a bit too far but I do like the colors. I have all sorts of digi-stamp brushes (I just call them digi-stamps they are really just different brushes) which I have downloaded from various sites
(Donna Downey recommended some great ones). There is so much you can do with these brushes that it will make your head spin. To start off a digi-collage I bring in several backgrounds or sections/areas from these backgrounds or artwork onto a black document. When you get them in and arranged then start adding the brushes and changing colors and sizes and moving pieces around just like you would do if you were using the real paper. It really is a lesson in restraint because there are so many possibilities that you just can't quit. That's where you have to let your creative self tell you when it is finished. And if you don't like it you can delete a few layers and try something new---no gesso here---just the delete button!


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

I too love the colors and I think your big hearts tie everything together - nope, not too much!

Mary said...

I agree!! I am amazed at what you can create on the computer - and no gesso stains on your clothes!! :)
I always have to wear old clothes, I get paint all over them. I guess the wiping of my paint covered hands on my pants does not help! :)

I love the hearts!!

Anita Heady Fiber Arts, LLC said...

I really like your colorful and heartwarming!

Anonymous said...

Please give the website for Donna Downey's digi-stamps.


lori vliegen said...

you've got a great collection of digi-stamps!! those hearts are awesome and they look great with your letterforms! hugs, :)

Anonymous said...

This is perfect, what a beautiful sharing of art and words!


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