Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Age is just a number...

Well, yes it is just a number isn't it? And I am getting where I think mine will be unlisted also.
This is an example of the Italic letterforms that I am teaching in my upcoming "Italic Calligraphy" class where I will take you through the steps to teach you "the art of beautiful handwriting" and then I will help you to figure out just what in the world to do with it! There are so many things you can do with your beautiful handwriting but you just need to have some knowledge of how to do that. For example, when you have written out a quote like this you can scan it and with some Photoshop knowledge you can put it on any background you have saved in your files...and voila!! finished piece ready for framing! If you can do this then that opens up a new world to you with cards, prints, collage pieces...it goes on and on. Or you can put it directly on to your background or your journal page. I will show you how to do that! This is a background from an art journal that I used this scan and paste technique. Really very simple!


Mary said...

It may be very simple, but it is very beautiful!!!

I am thinking I would like to take this class Martha, but I am reluctant because in the past when I have tried (on my own, with a book) I have failed miserably. But how I want to learn this beautiful handwriting.

Tess said...

This is so pretty and I think I may borrow it for next April. My half century is coming up and after that I may become unlisted. LOL

lori vliegen said...

everything about this is perfect!! love your background, and martha, your letterforms are simply divine!! great post!! :))

Bevie said...

I'm with Mary I'd love to learn too, but I've tried and found the pens difficult for left handers..I love this quote...my age has been unlisted for almost 7 years now..ehehehe!!! Psssst, I'm Mary's older sister. *Smile*


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