Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Canvas Collages

I have been working on some backgrounds on non gessoed canvas. I love how it frays and love the texture although it makes it more difficult to use a nib for calligraphy but I figured out if you just press real hard it works better. You only get about 1/2 a letter with the acrylic on the nib but you just keep dipping--alot. I used No Flow by Jacquard so I could have a better surface for the FW white acrylic ink. Neither one of the pieces are finished. The top one is closer than the bottom one but I am not sure which direction to go in. I know that I want to do some sewing on them. I have it sitting out and when I walk by I try different things but haven't found just the right thing yet. If I do I will blog them. This is a bit out of my comfort zone but my motto is---
"Make it work!" Famous quote by Tim Gunn---I get such a kick out of him on "Project Runway"--my new favorite show. Where have I been for the last few years? I need to order all the back shows.


Mary said...

Oh wowsers!! Especially love the colors in the first one!!

Cristi-2 If By Sea said...

These are beautiful!

Steam-A-Seam is a brand of very easy to use fusible web. It comes in nice handy 8 x 11 sheets.

lori vliegen said...

i'd say you've definitely got it.....and....making it work!! (did you watch the newspaper challenge last week?! fabulous!!)

Carol Sloan said...

I love these Martha! I've tried it before on canvas that hasn't been gessoed too - I love the look - it's rather dreamy, isn't it?

Gina Lee Kim said...

Fabulous...just non-stop inspiration you are, even when you're outside of your comfort zone.

p.s. I wish Tim Gunn was my neighbor!


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