Friday, March 22, 2013

Registration is open for Lollapalooza!

Yes, registration is now open for

There is a special price now also.

I have even added more art tips that are not in this promo video ---
why...??? because you just might need to use them!

Like this:

I am giving you almost everything but the kitchen sink! 
It's a Lollapalooza!


Kay said...

Thank you, Martha. I always enjoy and get inspired by your videos. I have signed up for all three classes and can't wait to get started. Quick question - can you watercolor in the big grid journal or do you have to use markers and color pencils. I appreciate your adding everything but the kitchen sink - it is so fun to learn new things. Please do teach a drawing and painting faces class - I love your "girls".

Debbie said...

I just signed up for all three journaling classes too! I'm so excited. I need to get going with painting some snippets, to use in the #1 class.

Sarah said...

So excited for your classes. Especially #3!! I would love to see you do a class on drawing girls too.

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Hi Martha! I just signed up today for all three Lollapalooza classes and can't wait to start! They look super fun! Thanks for offering the special price too!

kate adderley said...

Hi Martha, just came across your site and have fallen in love, love your journals and the videos are the coolest to watch, l would love to do a class with you, but as l live in Australia, l think l will be signing up for LOLLAPALOOZA, Also love the girl faces too, l just started calligraphy 2months ago and love that too, haven't learnt italic yet, cant wait to add all the different writing in my new journal that you have inspired me to do, thankyou so much for all the inspiration , cant wait for the class, YIPPEE, LOVE KATE


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