Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pick Your Color

I enjoy sitting down and piecing together one of these letter collages. I am gathering enough of them now to maybe put them in a handmade book. They are rather large so I will have to figure that out.

 I am busy filming the new "Lollapalooza" Journal class series and I might include these letter collages in the "Big Grid Journal" class. I really am having fun filming it so hopefully you will have fun too if you decide on any of the classes. The three classes will be : Lollapalooza One: "The Chunky Snippet Journal", Lollapalooza Two: "The Spray Journal," and Lollapalooza Three: "The Big Grid Journal".  I might combine two and three but I haven't decided yet. And I have added some other goodies to each one too. So, April 29 is the opening date. I will keep you updated. I have completed and edited #1 and working on #2 now.


fran pascazio said...

I totally am in love with your big grid journals and cannot wait for lallapalooza!

jane said...

Can NOT wait for these classes to begin...just love your classes and your gorgeous journal work!!

Unknown said...

Can't wait!!! I've been hoping you would do your grid one for ages now!!!! I follow your blog and read it every week. Love your stuff :-)
Deb E


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