Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Doin' a happy dance right now!

I am gathering up ideas and things for  Lollapalooza Three, "Big Grig Journal"  online class. In this class it is important to find some way to write one big word which will usually be the theme of that page.  I use CalligraFun lettering most of the time but I use stamps too (hopefully the Calligraphy Police won't come get me!). Being a calligrapher I absolutely love all types of hand lettering and one of my favorite styles is Neuland---which brings me back to the stamps. In Lollapalooza Two and Three I have included a video of how to carve this alphabet into stamps to use in our journals. I give you the exempler of letterforms and show you how to carve them.

The thought occurred to me that I could possibly make a font with it--my stamped letters that is.
And through the magic of Fontifier I did it!

It's really quite simple and it only costs $9.
 In fact I have several other Fontifier fonts in other calligraphic hands that I have pinned. 
It's all installed on my computer and everything---wow. Technology is amazing--!
 Yes, I am doing a happy dance!!
Here are two more examples of my new font. 


Mary said...

How cool is this!!!
Love the font!

Debbie Nolan said...

Martha - your font is amazing. Good for you. Took some time to visit your video as well. Wish I had time to take one of these workshops. Maybe someday! (When I am retired -LOL).

lori vliegen said...

hip hip hooray for happy dances! and for fontifier! and hand-carved stamps! and lollapalooza classes with your sweet artistic self!! woo hoo! xox

KrissyB said...

I love your new font, Martha. Even though I'm going to purchase all three of your journal classes, I can't wait until your Big Grid Journal class starts. Even though that class doesn't open until June 24, I've already ordered my big journal to make sure I'm ready for the class. It's so exciting!

Tereza Crump said...

Such a pretty font... I specially like the way the A is made.

Pat said...

Okay, this is what happens when a person tries to skim through some blogs on lunch break (rather than slowing down and Reading). You are gonna laugh, I know you are.
I read too fast and thought you said your Own Foot made you happy (guess I was still on the happy dance = foot?) Then I skimmmed down further and you were talking about a big word on the page which in my mind could mean big image too, so I was thinking, "she stamped an image of her foot in the big journal?" Is that not funny - and actually a good idea for a future journal page too! If you substitute foot for font in the post and comments, you will laugh out loud. (I'll probably see you in all three classes, it just looks like too much fun!)

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh I love this! Your own font stamp. Soooo cool.


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