Friday, September 4, 2009

Little Mini Hand Book

I made this little video today while I actually should have been filming Lesson 3 of my online class. I really did want to see how my new light and background would look. I like the green so now I will use it for the rest of the lessons. Then after I made this video and was all ready to start filming I decided that I would be really smart and organize my files that come from Movie maker in the Imovie events. Apparently you can't do that because I lost all of my editing and had to export all of the clips back in one by one and still I didn't get them all---so that required refilming of some parts. I knew things were going just a little bit too smoothly. Well, maybe tomorrow I can get to lesson three. But hey, I just thought of something, if I had filmed lesson 3 then I would have lost that one too. Actually in a strange way, God is looking after me! Of course He always is.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your little video. Very creative to do the embossing "frame" around your selections - it's those little things that make a difference, isn't it? I hope to take your workshop soon.
Lin Walker

Jane Farr said...

I'm not sure which I enjoyed more, your "uck" book or Zach's music - both are wonderful!

lori vliegen said...

LOVE IT!! this reminds me of the lab book that we made with rosie!! you've inspired me to get out my little square template....and that entire drawer full of yucky papers that i have! and please tell zach that his music complements your artwork beautifully!! hugs, :)

Marie aka Grams said...

Martha, I've long suspected you've had workshops with Rosie Kelly, whom I also love. It's so wonderful to see your extension of the fun, and to see how art dances through you. The song was the perfect accompaniment. Thank you.

Teresa aka Tess said...

Oh Martha, I really enjoyed that. Those pages are not yucky. I love that you found a way to use the best part of everything you do. Even the Art that you think is yucky. I like the postage stamp look you gave thaose last little mini paintes too, the squiggly lines. Pretty! Zach's song was perfect and I loved that too. Have a great weekend.


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