Sunday, September 27, 2009

Background and Calligraphy Combined

I love this Scripture and I love combining calligraphy with backgrounds that I have created.
I have not been able to paint very much lately and I am ready to just not be so busy with other things. I bought the supplies to hook a rug with strips of fabric. There was a lady at the quilt show hooking one with fabric strips and I was mesmerized and just had to buy the supplies to make one. I told her I wanted to be a hooker too and she said ok but this was her corner and I should find another one!


Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

I love your I can't WAIT to see your hooking. (Which corner??)!!! I created a handwoven rug from wool fibers many many years're making me think...? It was so much fun. Enjoy your day!

Mary said...

And you do such a great job of combining your backgrounds and scripture. You know, those would be beautiful cards!

I started a hooked rug many, many years ago. I never did finish it!!
Can't remember why now, I really did enjoy doing it.

Gina Lee Kim said...

Martha, I don't think hooking is frowned upon in the mixed-media world. So go at it!!! You are hilarious!! Can I be your side-kick?

lori vliegen said...

it looks like a new profession of copic hooking is in your near future!! you'll definitely get hooked on's A LOT of fun! :))

Julie Bagamary said...

This piece is gorgeous!! My front door rug is one I created using strips of fabric "hooking." It's very washable and durable!


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