Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tulip Series

I have been painting some mixed media paintings 
and decided to do as Robert Burridge always says--paint in a series!
 So here is my series of "Tulips". 
They are 16x20.
And they were fun to paint.


lori vliegen said...

love, love, love!!! your tulips are absolutely singing, and they're telling the story of all the fun you had painting them! keep nourishing your joyful art-heart, sweet friend! big love, xox

Snap said...

Wonderful! This would be a nice class ... hint hint.....! :)

Wildflowerhouse said...

Well between Lori and Snap it's all been said. I just love your work!

Thomas M. Baily said...

Finally he posted this!!! I ve heared a lot about this trick!! I always thought that do exercises with lasso is only for girls... As i see i was wrong))

Anonymous said...

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