Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Burridge Style

It is a fact that one of my favorite artists is Robert Burridge. In the past I have traveled many miles to take workshops with him. He truly makes painting fun. Because for me sometimes painting isn't fun. With him there are really no real rules, lots of slinging paint and ending up with something that looks fun. Sometimes they are turkeys but at least it was fun. It's just paper--chunk it!

I do appreciate all my oil painting instruction. And I do love to oil paint but sometimes, for me, it's more stressful than fun. That's because there are rules, rules rules that you have to abide by to get a good painting (composition, value, good drawing, brush strokes, warm and cool colors working together--etc)  That is if you want to paint in the classic way. Of course you can sling oil paint too. But for now I think I am going to just sling some acrylic and see what happens. No rules---just fun.


Famel Jhone said...

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Nancy Eaton said...

I have a video of his, doing these practices. I did a couple, and really liked them. I absolutely love your work, and think that your flowers are better than his! It makes me want to paint them again.

Luxury Flat Lady said...

I love how each of these paintings is so distinctive, yet the style really shines through and is instantly recognisable on all of them!

Jorja Mandalis said...

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