Monday, February 16, 2015

More Batik Pears

I decided to paint this pear design again with different colors and added Sumi ink for the final coat. I learn something new everything I do one of these watercolor batiks. They are really fun--and you never know what you'll get!


Ellie Knol said...


Unknown said...

This is so beautiful Martha, maybe a future class? I love your classes, I'm currently doing the Pear-ology (that's a bit challenging but so fun!). I took the Color Drop Flowers and the Poppies before that. Now I want the rest as well, lol! Anyways, just wanted to say how much I love your work! ❤️
Greetings from Switzerland,

Martha Lever said...

Thank you Ellie and Denitsta.

Shawn said...

Will you be preparing a class on how this is done? It is absolutely gorgeous!
I have taken many of your classes and enjoy them all.

batik ayu said...

the motif is very beautiful
hope u like batik as we do here :)

Doda Smith said...

I love this effect...gorgeous!


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