Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sending Light

I am home from Greenville and enjoyed seeing my little sweeties so much. Right after my daughter's husband left fro his trip the internet went out and couldn't be fixed because the fix-it guy was out of town. They have complicated wireless in their house so a call to Apple probably wouldn't do it. So we went all week without internet. We were both experiencing internet withdrawal DTs.
Thank goodness for iPhones! 

Anyway, I thought these flowers were very fall- like and I love to 
write with this pointed pen curly hand.

I am, still on a Dreama high so I am looking forward to getting back to my painting.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall weekend!


Maggie R said...

Love the "Sending Light"
Colors are so lovely

Lisa Graham said...

So pretty and such a great quote. I wish sometimes our internet would go out from time to time because I would get more art work made that way. :)


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