Thursday, October 25, 2012

Little Pumpkin Girl

Have you ever finished an art piece (or painting in my case), took a picture of it, posted it on blogger and realized that it just didn't look right? Well, that is what happened to my painting that I was going to post for today. I think I can work on it just a little bit and post it after a retouch, In the meantime, this pic is just to cute not to post. I love her outfit. My daughter, Macaulay, dresses her co cute.
Have a great day!


Shaz said...

lol, done that OFTEN. Now, I always do progressive pictures while I'm painting. Its amazing what one sees.

Mary said...

It is amazing the different perspective we get seeing a photo of our work. I wonder why we see it so differently?

Your granddaughter is growing so fast! She is precious!

Janie Husband said...

grandbabies are the best, aren't they, martha......can't hug them enough..... she's beautiful.....i know your painting will be also..;-)


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