Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Uncommon Calligraphy

I recently ate at the most wonderful restaurant and there were interesting paintings and signs and all sorts of neat stuff on the walls and this quote was written on one of the walls. The place mat was white paper and I just happened to have a calligraphy marker in my pocketbook... so I held my breath and wrote it very quickly, trying to quell those screams in my head from the calligraphy police yelling,"YOU HAVE NO LINES, YOU HAVE NO LAYOUT, YOU WILL NEVER KEEP A CONSISTENT ANGLE!!! 
But the quote itself was just so good that I decided to post it. 
It really was a wonderful lunch. It was the first time in 7 months that I have eaten in a restaurant and not worried if everything was organic or not.
 I had Sweet Potato Cake! YUM!
 So far so good---no hives!


LuckyDog said...

That's fabulous, Martha!
And how wonderful for no hives!!
XOXO, Donna

Kwiltsfl said...

Love the quote - and beautifully done with no lines!

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Can't believe you did this on a place mat! Darn you're good. Love how you made the "L" & the "y" really catches my eye and the quote is a keeper.
No hives is a very good thing :-)

Jane Farr said...

I love a gal that keeps a calligraphy pen in her purse!!! :) (I've been working on a post for this Friday about ZIG Calligraphy pens.) No lines just means your lettering gets the chance to dance freestyle.

Kelly said...

Love it! Love the saying!


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