Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One more-one shot at an invitation

Ok, I decided to try it again on the next invitation. This is my first cousin's son and I really wanted to make them something special. I thought it was a precious invitation with only the writing and the birds at the corner. Just perfect for some painting except.....blotter paper and bleeding ink!!!! Now, why was I so dumb as to think the ink wouldn't run!? So, I sprayed it with Blair Mat Fixative which gave me an instant headache even in my well ventilated area. Then it wouldn't take the watercolor so I stressed a bit and pulled out some hair. I watered down some acrylic and that helped but I didn't want to cover up the letters. Finally I think it worked out.  I hope they like it. It was a labor of love and every painting is a learning experience even if you are left with a little less hair and only have blotter paper to work on. This one is a 6x6. Ok, two down, one more to go. But the third invitation can't be painted. Dang!
Here I come Bed Beth and Beyond.

So, here are the two invitations all finished.  I added paper for backgrounds and glued them to a Jack Richeson panel which is about 8x 1/2 inch or so. They can hang them on the wall of put it on a bookshelf.
Ready for UPS! 


Buffy said...

Just Beautiful Martha. I'm sorry you lost some hair doing it. But like you said its a labor of love. They both look so nice.

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Phew! Good thing you are good at solving creative problems creatively. No one would ever know you had any trouble with either of these, they look great!

Vicki Holdwick said...

Hi Martha,

I haven't commented in a long time, but just had to leave a note on these.

They are absolutely beautiful! Your art always inspires me and I would never have guessed these had you pulling your hair out.


Unknown said...

I just LOVE your work- I have been lurking around your blog for the past few days, catching up on old entires, and your art is SO beautiful. Thank you for sharing- I just wanted to say "hi!"


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