Sunday, May 24, 2009

Layer Love Online Class

I love online classes and I try to restrain myself and not take them all!  I think it really is the way to go to learn new techniques and a way to keep learning and creating. My only concern is that I start to depend on others to tell me how to create and at least for me, I try to take the techniques and use it is a style that I feel like is mine. My style?  HMMM...My style might be a combination of many people whom I admire, at least in the mixed media genre. I know that is becoming a problem in blogland with people fudging on other's style and selling on Etsy.  So it is a little bit of a dilemma for me, I love the styles I learn but I am very skittish in its application and use for sales. But, all that being said, I am enjoying the Layer Love class with Julie Pritchard.
I like how she layers her colors and leaves a lighter area then drips the color. It is very organic and fun. I am enjoying it. Unfortunately, the original has much more detail than I could capture in the photo.


jgr said...

Hi Martha,
WOW! This is stunning, I love the rich color and the subtle depth you've achieved.


sherry carrigan said...

Love this and you are right on target with your post. Is anything really our own anymore? I know I've done things strictly from my own head, and received messages accusing me of copying. Why do people tend to think no one else in the world can have a similar idea?

lori vliegen said...

i don't know what julie pritchard's work looks like, but i see a lot of YOU in this!! your letterforms are perfect just peeking through that paint....i love it! and, dittos to what Sherry said!


Tracy said...

martha i love this one. it looks great!

Brenda said...

Really lovely, beautiful rich colours.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Gorgeous, deep, rich color! Love it!

Learn English at EPCC said...

I'm gushing, I know...but I love your work! I've been going through your archives, because you have inspired me to start making itty bitty watercolor pieces. But my question pertains to what this blog entry was about so long ago. Since you've been my teacher, my watercolor art looks like yours-could I still try to sell it in ETSY or wherever? Or does mine have to be very different than yours?

Of course, mine are not even a bit close to the expertise and beauty of yours, but the same basic style.

Any thoughts?



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