Thursday, August 14, 2014

Comfort Zone page

Ok well actually my plan was to sketch in my journal today. I have just completed two semesters of Sketchbook Skool with some of the most talented journal sketchers in the world. I have enjoyed watching them so much and have said to myself everyday---OK, today's the day I will go out and sketch in my journal.  Everyday, I have a very good excuse---mostly that it's just too darn hot. But I did draw the Mod Podge on my desk but then got carried away with lettering.  I also was going to do my Documented Life Page with the underpapers and haven't gotten to that yet either. I was doing pretty good and was on a roll then we went on vacation and all went ca-poof! 
(Is that a word?-- ca-poof)
So this is my comfort zone---lettering.
And if any of you are wondering--- and I am just so sure you all are waiting with bated breath to know this...---I am still oil painting but not posting them. Some are pretty good and I feel like I'm making progress then one comes along that stinks so bad I have to send it down the 
refuse chute as I say, "Good riddance, stinker! Burn baby burn!"


lori vliegen said...

comfort zone pages are my absolute favorite…..they come straight from the heart, and there's nothing better than that! i love all your mod podging and doodle lettering! xoxox

fran pascazio said...

I'm glad your still here and I'm glad you still painting…I love your DLP pages, too! Hope your vacation was relaxing….

Nancy said...

Keep it up day the sketching will be as comforting as your beautiful lettering!!


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