Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week 21 of the Documented Life Project

This week's challenge was to stitch something on our journal page and I LOVE to stitch on paper with my sewing machine so this one was really fun. Just all sorts of fun stuff going on---stenciling, stamps calligraphy, CalligraFun and of course---stitches!

Better not be color blind to see this page!


Janie Husband said...


fran pascazio said...

Loving your pages Matha!!! Very inspiring….

Martha Lever said...

Thank you, Janie and Fran!

Nancy said...

So appealing! This project looks like great fun and practice.

Unknown said...

Wow.. this is amazing. I've never tried sewing or stitching on paper with sewing machine? is it safe to do it on paper? now I got curious. I love your colorful pages -Niina


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