Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oriental vase

Switching gears from my DLP journal and pulling out my oil paints for our get together with my painting buddies. We are still painting from Greg Kreutz's book, Problem Solving for Oil Painters. He is a fabulous painter and teacher. We love his classic style of painting yet it's still enough impressionism to appeal to me.  We have fun on our painting days. We learn so much from each other.  Normally I am more of a high key painter than this (painting in brighter, lighter colors) but I like this classic style too. The vase is fairly high key as well as the apples so that was fun.


Lisa Graham said...

This is so lovely Martha. I love the rich classic colors and style very much! Your painting group sounds great, I've been thinking I need to find some like-minded artists to hang out with locally too.

fran pascazio said...

Beautiful colors, beautiful painting….

sibi said...

Wonderfully done!


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