Tuesday, February 11, 2014

At the Annie Sloan Workshop here in Jacksonville, they warned that this paint was addictive. And-- yes it is-- that is if you have a desire to paint furniture. If you don't then all this excitement will just seem crazy.

I bought these two chairs at my antique store around the corner and thought they had a good shape but of course the fabric was dirty and yuck.  So I decided to just go for it.  The one on the right is painted with also Duck Egg Blue. The fabric painted just fine and so far doesn't seem to crack when I sit on it. Actually it's pretty soft.

So I decided to put dots on the fabric in Graphite color.  My dots got a little wonky but it's shabby chic so it's all good. After all if I don't like it I can just paint over it. No worries. The other color I bought was French Linen and it's a fabulous color too. Maybe I will do the other chair in that. 
I will put these in my new studio.
Or I will paint over them and try something different!


Anonymous said...

New studio? Do share pictures please

BumbleVee said...

... and, then...if you want a short holiday in the north....you can fly over to my place and paint a big curio cabinet for me so it fits better with my new contemporary furniture ..

Carol Sloan said...

I am curious about this Martha - does the paint do okay with sitting on the chair? I watched a video and it looked like the paint was so easy to sand off. I wondered if it flicks off with the abrasion of someone sliding onto/off of the chair...?

artisoo said...

great rework! looks vintage!


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