Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve!  I have been busy but tried to stop and paint a few things inbetween the busyness. It's nice to slow down now and concentrate on my art goals for 2014.  I don't usually make resolutions but I do want to continue to paint and try to constantly improve and maybe do a few more online classes. I always enjoy doing those and I have a few ideas.

This is day two of 30 Paintings in 30 Days by Leslie Saeta. I missed day 1.
It's always good and to do this challenge and see everyone who is participating.
Here is a little birdie that is 6x6. I love to paint birds. They are sweet little things.


Mary said...

Love this!

Happy New Year Martha!

Mary said...

Oh, looking at it closer it looks like it has a little blue heart!

What size is this, and are you selling it?

Lauren S. said...

Remember what you said when you made your 2013 New Year's resolution?..."Next year if I remember, I am going to post my first painting of 2013 and my last one of 2013 and compare to see the improvement." Well...let's see!

mimi boothby said...

lovely little bird! I enjoyed looking at your paintings.

Unknown said...

Lovely flowers in the painting. Pastel colors are always suitable, being understated. Big dabs of colors with a gentle light flooding in. Reminds me a little of this favorite flower painting of mine by none other by the master of indoor observations, Pierre Barnard, called Interior with flowers. It can be seen at most popular famous paintings. At the web site, you can actually order online an excellent canvas print of the image for your home. In the painting, I like the way there are flowers everywhere, even on the wallpapers. Glorious.


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