Monday, June 3, 2013

Sweet Little Gigi

I have been wanting to paint little Gigi for a while now. Gigi is very old and is working on her 9th life now. She lives next door to my studio and her owner, Sarah, is such a sweet neighbor that I thought I would try to capture Gigi for her. Gigi doesn't come outside much any more but this time she was having a nice little rest on her favorite chair. She posed for me. I am certainly not a cat person only because I am allergic to them but I do love Gigi. When it dries I will give it to Sarah.


fran pascazio said...

Gigi is sweet....I'm am sure Sarah will love her. What a great neighbor you are! I wish you lived next door to me!!! You could paint our urban chickens!!!

janelydialoves said...

This is so lovely and Gig looks so sweet. You have inspired me to paint my own little old lady cat - 19 years old and very delicate and we won't have her much longer as she has a tumour. We lost her sister 2 months ago. Capturing her spirit in a painting is a great idea. x

AML said...

This is so cute, you did it perfectly, i bet Sarah will love it.

Becca said...

This turned out beautiful! Love the chair, and I am a crazy cat lady! Your neighbor/friend will love it!


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