Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sugar Pot

Yesterday was our monthly art buddy painting day with my buddies, Rynda and Betty, and we again painted from our current favorite painting book, Problem Solving for Oil Painters by Gregg Kreutz. We choose an interesting painting from the book, read what he says about it and then attempt to paint it. It is a great exercise to "paint what you see" and just basically log in brush time. The more brush time---the better painter you are. This sugar pot was actually quite a challenge because of the shapes and the lights against the darks as well as the darks against the darks. All in all it was fun painting together since each one of us paints in a different style and interprets it differently. If you are a painter, find some buddies to paint with. You... and they will benefit from it!


Caryl said...

Martha, I loved the new painting. I am jealous that I can't paint so much, just don't have the time.

Unknown said...

When my friends come over, we love to try techniques in books together, too.

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I really like it

guinevere said...

lovely painting



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