Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More of Lori's Tulips

My buddy, Lori, is a very good photographer and here is another shot of her tulips that I painted today. Painting glass is tricky for me. My mind says to paint the glass where really I should just paint the reflections. It's a test in painting colors and shapes that you see with your eye and not think in your brain.  I fractured it a bit which gave it a more distressed look.

Julie Ford Oliver has a tutorial on Daily Paintworks to show how to fracture. I love her paintings.


fran pascazio said...

Love it! Colors are is amazing! You and Lori go hand in hand!

Fannie said...

Lovely, Martha! Hugs, Fannie

Bakersfield Wedding Photography said...

Those were lovely tulips. You are always amazing.


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