Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quick Sketch for Thursday Afternoon

Oh my goodness, this one was a challenge for just 20 minutes--I must confess, I think it took longer than 20 minutes because I forgot to time it. It was 30 at the most. It's really just a "go for it" thing. And it helps me with  my drawing skills to quick sketch. No pencils allowed. Just a sketch book, a black pen, a few watercolors and 20 minutes.  No worries... (famous last words)...


Say It In Color said...

Martha, your quick work is even beautiful!!! I love the roughness of this little jewel....and how envious I am of your sticktuitiveness ??? has been learning how to paint so beautifully!!! Gorgeous vase!!! God Bless!!!

Sunny K. Lee said...

Love your pen and watercolor technique.. somewhat vintage look.. :)


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