Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cinco de pears

This is how I practice glazing the pears. It is just on a scrap strip of 300 lb Arches paper. I never waste any scrap of this paper. I can always paint something on the scrap and make a "snippet." I love the 300 lb and even though it is much more expensive I try to watch for sales and buy it then. Dick Blick is usually the lowest but Jerry's Artarama and Cheap Joe's are great too. 
My try to paint the pears so they will appear to glow in the light. A lot has to do with the paint colors too. Here are the 3 main colors I use:
Windsor Yellow---Windsor Newton
Quinacridone Gold--Daniel Smith (WN has a good one too)
Quinacridone Burnt Orange--Daniel Smith
I also mix up a shade color.


amylynne said...

Lovely pears!

Kelly Warren said...

These are so sweet Martha. They look little families. :-)

fran pascazio said...

I love your snippets, Martha...hoping your still planning on a "Pears" class!

Lesley Edmonds said...

Beautiful - I like the the blue pears more - they look so ripe I just want to BITE them

Jean McNulty said...


Misti Goguen said...

These pears make me so happy. Please do a pear class.


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