Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend work

I painted several paintings on Saturday and I will post them during this week because I have to stop painting now to make name tags for our 40 yr high school reunion this Saturday up in West Point, GA.
Ok, you know how old I am now. And the good thing is, everybody there will be my age too! I have put this task off until this week. We only had 35 in my graduating class but we have invited other classes so I have about 50 or so to do.  I will post my senior pic later this week. I have to scan them all from the annual. Very time consuming but with lots of awwwws...when I am doing it. We were all so young and perky then!

When I painted these I told myself these were my "just paint fast because it's only paper and you are just practicing and it really doesn't matter because you can always gesso over it" series. Well, the "it doesn't matter part" I am still struggling with. These are just on gessoed watercolor paper. Practicing for the big ones.


kandilin said...

Wow only 35 in your class... that is like my husband's in Maine, however mine in Indiana had 475.

Mary said...

Marthy your weekend work is beautiful. i am continually amazed at how fast you can paint these...each one beautiful to behold.

oh how good it was to meet you my friend. i left leaving thinking that just was not enough time...


Marilyn J. Rock said...

Love your painting and look forward to more. Enjoy your reunion! xxoo

Susan said...

I love these paintings!

teri said...

Martha, I don't comment often but I'm always looking and feeling so inspired by your work.


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