Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I drew her today while I was happy and all snuggled up inside in the warm watching all my DVR recorded Glees. 
Yes, I am a Gleek. 
I am planning on painting her and I will post her tomorrow.
She is Amelia.


Nelly said...

I am a Gleek too! I paint watching DVR'd Glee all the time! She is beautiful.

nacherluver said...

She's beautiful!

Gleek. That's funny! ;)

Learn something new everyday.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Sse is so pretty Martha! Chiming in here as another Gleek!

Kelly said...

I love the shading on her face. I watch Glee sometimes too. My absolute favorite name is "Amelia". If I had had a girl I would have named her this. Instead, I have a puppy girl and I have named her "Mila" which would have been my nickname for my daughter Amelia.

LuckyDog said...

You are amazing... Truly making art every day. And such gorgeous sweet faces. She's beautiful!

Createology said...

Hello Amelia. You are beautiful just as you are. Happy Gleeking...

cathyb said...

Hi Martha - how are you - I love her - she is beautiful.
Martha I had a question - there is a tool that can be used to draw lines - you move it down the page to get equal spacing between the lines. I want to purchase one but do not know what they are called so can't find it on any of the art supply web sites. can you help?
Desperate to draw a straight line


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