Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sketch du jour

Ok, well, here I go a' sketchin'!
The chair on the right is a far better rendition of the chairs than the one on the left.
I actually should go outside in this beautiful weather and actually I think I will but first I wanted to attempt the chairs. The box---well, we just won't discuss it. I am still only using a pen because with a pencil I fiddle way too much and I want to see if I can just go for it. Of course if I were drawing something for a painting or something then I would use a pencil.
I really am going to pull out my "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and try to go through it--again. I did it years ago but didn't make it all the way through. It got too hard so---I put it down. I guess I didn't realize at that point that drawing what you see is a difficult task (at least for me) and pushing through is what makes us better artists.
Also, here is a YouTube of how I spray the pages for the journals. 


Poetic Artist said...

Love the chairs..I am one who needs to pratice sketching..You my friend seem to be well on your way.

Createology said...

This looks like a fun exercise. Your chairs are quite beautiful. Now we need to see inside that cute litte box. :o)
Happy Right Brain Drawing...
P.S. Drawing from any side of my brain is a foreign concept and I so admire your ability and talent.

LuckyDog said...

Love the chairs, but I especially love your cursive handwriting!
It's so jazzy! :)

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

your off to a great start keeping your promise to yourself to draw/paint every day. Hope you enjoy the process, I'm off to enjoy your video :-)

Kelly said...

Your sketches of chairs and the box are wonderful! It is hard to draw a box, to get the dimensions correct isn't it? You did great! I have that book too and I think I need to go back to it again as well!
I loved your you tube video, very informative - thanks so much for sharing it with blogland.
Hugs and many blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

You are too funny.. Your drawings are YOU.. they are perfectly you.
I just took an online test to see if I am right brain thinking or left side thinking.. It came up a Tie! I don't think so.
I have the same book you have by Betty Edwards.. I haven't touched it yet. ! Maybe I ought to.
Anyhoo, I love your drawings..they are gorgeous!
Hugs, missing you.. Darlene

BonnieBanters said...

Why not leave them as is -I love the chairs as they are - they look like they have a life of their own. Reminds me of my son - whenever you photograph him,even since he was little, he looks like he's coming off the page.

Carin Winkelman said...

I'm not sure about drawing on the right sight of the brain. It seems to lack personality when you draw as if you want to make a photgraph with a pencil. You might as well use a camera then.
I love your crooked chairs the way they are! They have spirit!

Jane Farr said...

Love your chairs! You are too funny Martha. I start art books and don't finish them many times either. Maybe we have AADD (Artist's Attn Deficit Disorder). BTW, I am going to hound you until I see the letter "G"! haha


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