Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chunky, Funky, Scrappy, Happy Journal

This is my newest scrappy journal and I apologize for the bad video job I did. My little Flip camera is much more unsteady to use. I was editing the video and it made me a little motion sick and I had to lay down for a while. So, feel free to turn it off if the shakiness bothers you---I'll never know!


Lisa Holtzman said...

Wow wow wow! I can't believe these beautiful pieces of art are your "scraps". So gorgeous to see the way you put all of them together and...I didn't even get sick watching the video : )

Mary said...

Martha, such a wonderful way to save all your "scraps." It was fun getting to see it.

Bucky is so very cute, and seems very sweet!

Jane Farr said...

Your scraps and snippets would be my finished pieces for framing! :-) Your book is packed full of wonderful ideas, creativity and inspiring art. (and I want me some Bucky! He's the cutest!!)

suzi whitaker said...

I want more!!! You are so talented!


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