Sunday, November 30, 2008


I have been practicing. I am not sure what happened to the Lavender ones because they are a bit cloudy. I am thinking that the Cobalt Violet wasn't completely transparent. One thing you need to know about working with watercolors this way is that they really need to be transparent. Then the underneath layers will show through. You need to check each color you use over a painted ink or black acrylic strip and see if any watercolor remains over the black strip. This is good to know! Michelle Brown has certain colors that we are working with now which are transparent. She uses Windsor Newton and I use M. Graham so I had to check the M. Graham colors. Most are the same in transparent qualities.

I have this "need" to paint and create stuff. Remember Tom Cruise in "Top Gun"--- the need for speed?--well I have the "need" to create art. (I know---that was a poor comparison). It's like a drug to me---sometimes it's a good high and sometimes it's a not so good high. Not that I know about drugs because I have never taken any. I guess that's why art is my drug of choice--good or---not so good!


lori vliegen said...

your practice poppies look great! i sure wish i had the "need for speed"...i'm working slow as molasses this weekend! :)

Gifts of Creation said...

Hi! Thanks for the info about the watercolors. Your poppies look so great and professional to me. I am having trouble knowing which colors to add for the darks on my roses. I'm finding out that some blues added to pink or red just look horribly muddy and yuck!! AND I'm not really getting the concepts of glazing to build form, I keep reading about it, I guess I need to watch someone do it in person.

Brenda said...

I love your practice poppies. I like the drug you are on - not harmful to your body at all!

Lillian M said...

Martha Im a huge fan
Your art is just beautiful
I wish you would do a few tutorials on how you do your backgrounds
thanks for sharing your gorgeous poppies with us


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