Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today's VLOG!

Here is Pam Carriker's blog. You will love her art!


Doda said...

Now that was cool. Don't think I've seen a vlog before!
You are very brave!

lori vliegen said...

you're right...pam's art is great! but, then, i think yours is too!! your journal pages are looking super...your backgrounds are fabulous! just put your own little "martha twist" on them, and you'll find yourself in a groove before you know it! :)

p.s. and if all else fails, eat some chocolate! :)

Carol Sloan said...

Martha, what a brave lady you are! Your work is awewome, no matter what you do. Do you really not know that? Your sweet and gentle spirit comes through in all you do.

Fannie said...

Hi, Martha! Great video! Good for you! More, more! ;-D

Your journal pages are wonderful! I like your calligraphy on the page. Adding that technique sets you apart--keep it up. I love your calligraphy. I think you should add that element to all your pages.

I agree with Lori--eat some chocolates.

I agree with Carol, too--your sweet and gentle spirit comes through in your vlog and artwork. Beautiful!

Sherry said...

Love your pages Martha. You are doing great. Use your calligraphy talents and you will soar.


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