Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Sunday!

I found some images of sundaes so I thought I would paint a quick ditty. It's acrylic paint on Canson paper for acrylic that I need to use. I am determined to used my supplies!!! The Bible is from the Holy Land I got when I was 16 on a church trip, the ice cream is my second favorite--1st is Blue Bell Vanilla, and lastly, little Pepperment Patties. So, that's my Happy Sunday! Hope you all are having a good one!!! And staying warm!!!


lori vliegen said...

that sundae looks good enough to eat!! and just the way i like 'em...with the ice cream dripping off the sides! happy sunday to you too! :)

Tess said...

MMM, Sundae on a Sunday! Yum Yum

Doda said...

Hi MArtha,
I love your work. I am sending you the kreativ blogger award. What you need to do is post it on your blog and list 7 things you love, and then nominate a further 7 people. Hope you are able to participate.

Brenda said...

Mmmmm, that sundae looks so good, I can almost taste it.


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