Friday, January 2, 2009

Show Me Your Ways

I try to do some calligraphy as often as I can. It used to be all I ever did and my letterforms were better then---but they are just different now-- much freer. (I didn' say better--just freer). I started out with the intention of getting it all straight and keeping to the lines but after the 4th line I said to heck with it and just wrote. It's ok--I wouldn't enter it into a juried calligraphy show or anything. I am into---write it once, and let it go.
Calligraphy is an interesting art form. It requires exactness and many years of grooling practice-but oh, the agony and the ecstasy of it all! Sometimes I just have to go and write something---kinda like sometimes I just have to just go and paint a Poppy.
I do love this Scripture so much that it is one of the very few that I have memorized. I try so hard to memorize Scripture but most of it won't stick (I guess it's a 50 thang...) but this one stuck and I pray it most every day.


Julie Bagamary said...

Martha, I LIKE the freer style. It say "fun".

lori vliegen said...

you set such a great example practicing your letterforms! i love your flowers with it...this is a beautiful piece! pretty music, too!

have fun at donna's today! :)

Brenda said...

I love your calligraphy, and of course the poppies :-)

julie king said...

as always, i'm so impressed by your poppies. i've never tried calligraphy and doubt that i have the patience for it but your is just lovely.

the music is great, very soothing!

Tess said...

There is no right or wrong in creating. I see beauty here in the words and in the style (and the verse too).

Fannie said...

I am learning calligraphy, and enjoying the journey. I love this piece. Your calligraphy is beautiful! If this is a "freer style," I love it! It looks perfect to me.

Love your metal embossing, too! Congrats on the Etsy sales. Your journals are wonderful. The composition books are my favorites, too!

Thanks for sharing!

loVe2cre8 said...

I'm around that 50 mark too and it isn't just my lettering and art that has become a little freer. The closer I get to heaven the more eternally minded I become and the lesser importance some of this earthly stuff has. Who says we have to have lines?


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