Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I see the Moon and the Moon Sees Me

I am enjoying painting these watercolor girls. This is on Arches Aqurelle Rough 140 lb paper. This is what I really love---wetting the paper and dropping in color straight from the tube. Ahhhh.. sweet dispersion!! That why I love watercolor but it certainly has a mind of it's own. But the key to watercolor is trying to figure out it's mysterious mind!


lori vliegen said...

she has such a sweet face...i love her freckles!! and, the watercolor gave her dress a really cool effect! i love the dark blue background...actually, i love it all!! :)

Martha Lever said...

Thank you sweet Lori!!!

Jenn said...

ooooh she is so sweet Martha! Just love your painted gals. I love that paper too:) The next time I'm in town the lunch date is on:):):)


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

She is beautiful Martha! Her freckles are adorable! I love the background too! So very whimsical! Lisa :)

Caryn Lynn said...

Hi Martha, Just came across you on suziblu and was captivated by your artwork. I love that you are using watercolor to create your beautiful girls. It inspires me to try some in watercolor instead of mixed media Thanks for the inspiration!

Ann's ART said...

Very nice. Makes me want to revisit watercolors. I haven't used them since collage. What an inspiration!


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