Thursday, January 29, 2009

Study and Research

One of the things that keeps me moving, growing and evolving is studying and researching other people's work on YouTube videos etc. There are a vast number of oh so talented people out there---some that make me drool to look at their work. Often I just take a day and research. I have been looking at Milliande's wonderful journal pages and her collage techniques. She has many how -to YouTube videos and only works for coffee. I feel that I should send her some coffee money because she has inspired me so much. She does it through PayPal. Pretty clever I think. She has a wonderful British accent and a calm way about her. So, no art today. Somedays I just have to rest and recharge.

I also feel that I need to really get back to my journaling. I think I have enough pieces for the gallery show coming up although I will probably paint more but the pressure is off now. So I just need to do some dooding and painting in my journal and see what happens. And I am taking Pam Carriker's journaling class. I really like her journal pages of her faces. I am also planning to make an art journal book with 140 lb wc paper using my RubiCoil which I use a lot.
Have a creative day, ya'll!


2ifbysea said...

Good morning, Martha! Another artist you might like to see videos of is Wyanne Thompson. She lives in Fernandina Beach and is a wonderful mixed-media artist, Her You Tube name is wyartjewels. Here is her blog
Have a great day!

lori vliegen said...

yippee for research days, you tube and making new art journals!! be back home soon! :)

Tess said...

Some day I'll have to start watchng YouTube how-to's. What a great idea. Have a wonderful day.


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