Saturday, January 10, 2009

Folk Art Landscape

For the past few weeks, on and off I have been doing a great online class with Karen Gartel. I bought two classes for the price of one before Christmas so I have done the landscapes workshop. The other one is a portrait class and I will get around to that one day.

This is on an 8" x 24" canvas and I think what she does with these landscapes is just so cute. I am working on several of them so you will be seeing them in upcoming blog posts. I am working on two at once now that are daytime ones and I did a few practice small ones which I will also post.
Michelle Brown is going to do another waterclass class on Spring Flowers!! I am so excited so I guess when that time comes you will see lots of spring flowers. I am still painting my Poppies too, but not posting them.

Since I have this studio now and I come over here every day---I do tend to get alot done. I'm just glad you don't see my laundry pile!! :)


Gifts of Creation said...

This is so adorable!! I love that you are always trying new things. I wish I had the time you have to must be so fun!!

lori vliegen said...

this is so cute i can't stand it!! it's so whimsical and colorful...i love it! you've motivated me to get started with my landscape now. we'll see if mine turns out to be blogworthy or not! :)

Flor Larios Art said...

Beutiful! I love the colors and the way you painted the borders.
This is my first time on your blog and I enjoyed it very much. will revisit.
I invite you to visit mine. I am having a Frida Kahlo necklace giveaway!
Hope to see you there.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Magical creation Martha!

julie king said...

the house on the hill really touches my funny bone. loving this piece, martha!!!

Brenda said...

What a great whimsical piece. I really like it.

Fannie said...

Very nice work, Martha. I took this class from Karyn. It changed my painting style. I'm also taking her faces online class.

Sherry said...

Love this Martha.


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