Friday, August 27, 2010

Sweet 16----

Slow art day so this is what you get today!

Well, ok...age is just a number, right? It's been 40 years since this 11th grade picture, actually 41 years but whose counting?   I don't know why I posted this. I came across this picture and since I didn't have an art du jour I thought I would post it.  I think this picture just makes me laugh and I remember the photographer made me laugh.  Thank God that I am still here in one piece!!!
Also, here she is from yesterday's post without the half border--she looks better I think. Thanks Caatje--I agree!
One more battle under my belt.
Hope everyone has a good art day! Here is my quote I made up for today,
"In art as in life, fight the good fight!"


Bren said...

I do believe the border was battling for the attention so this is a smart move. Love you're pic, so full of life and still are :-)

Catherine said...

What a beautiful girl ~ I think she turned into a beautiful woman!!

Your art is so inspiring ~ wonderful!

Have a terrific weekend!
xo Catherine

CelticWoman said...

Martha, great pic, and love your art piece, look how all that joy has manifested!!! Hugs

lori vliegen said...

you were gorgeous back you are right now.....both inside and out!!!! have fun fighting the good art fight this weekend!!! xoxox, :))
p.s. LOVE your artwork....with or without the border!! xox

jgr said...

I love the picture! You are just as beautiful now as you were then. Happy weekend!

Marie aka Grams said...

Martha, that is about the cutest picture I've seen. It would make a fabulous face for your collage/art. It has so much life in it.

PaperPumpkin said...

Hi Martha young and younger! You look beautiful...always! I love your smile. ♥ Enjoy your weekend...not too many battles.

Becca said...

Oh I love that photo! You look so cute, and such a beautiful smile! Your painting is lovely.

Buffy said...

I love the picture of you,so happy. Also love the girl,I like her either way with or without the border.

Diane said...

Wow, that made a difference--I wouldn't have even thought of that--I still focused on her even with the border.
And I LOVE that pic of you--hmmmm--maybe I'll start digging through my old teen year photos to post. That would be fun if everyone did.

Caatje said...

Wow! How cool you actually put it up changed and all on your blog. It really is a lovely painting.
And the sweet 16 picture is just adorable!

Eden said...

Not only is that a BEAUTIFUL picture but it is showing such a happy SPIRIT!! Love your made-up quote......don't you surprise yourself that way?


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