Sunday, January 24, 2010

Peace like a River

I am debating whether to put more writing. I will leave it for now. She is another girl I sketched on the sofa while watching "24". It's intense so I like to sketch when I watch it. Don't we all hope that there is a "Jack Bauer" working out there under cover for our gov't? Some of you probably have no idea what I am talking about! I glued her into the Moleskine journal. This is how I heard someone pronounce that:
Mole-ska-na: with a long "a" over the second "a" and the accent on the second syllable---but who knows. This person seemed like she knew.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone.


Janie Husband said...

another beautiful page, the "flapper/hippie" headband....Peace

Kim Shenberger said...

Love the colors in this one--and her rosy cheeks!

Fotf said...

Lovely colours Martha, feel like i'm always saying that, all about the colours lol.I do know of 24 but have never watched it. Have a great day :)

Scrappy Cat said...

Your girls are all wonderful.

And just FYI - according to Wikipedia, Moleskine is pronounced mol-a-skeen’-a.

Mary said...

You know Martha, your journal pages/style are fast becoming my all time favorites!!!! Whether or not you add more words it is beautiful!!!

Yes, I hear ya about Jack Bauer. Though sometimes I cannot watch it, it makes me to anxious!!!! Not a relaxing show!! (does he ever pee?) :) :) :)

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

How gorgeous! I love the colors in this painting.

We watch 24 also. That show can frustrate me because their is constantly a cliff hanger. Maybe if I would work on an art page while watching I wouldn't get so stressed over the show. I'm impressed Martha that you can do such beautiful pages on your couch.

Kerr Pelto said...

dear martha,
i am thrilled that i found you online. i will now be one of your followers. one thing i want to do is start a calligraphic/watercolors journal. could you give me some advice on what brand of journal to buy that will take watercolors and ink?
kerr pelto, calligrapher in raleigh


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