Monday, January 25, 2010

More from Suzi class and Dancing Queen

I am trying so hard to make my girls younger looking. For some reason they stay around late teens or early twenties. I want to paint little girls that are about 10-or 12. I can't quite figure out what accomplishes that. Bigger eyes??? Rounder face?? Not sure. Maybe I will ask Suzi. I have tried not to bother her but maybe I will ask her that question. I am enjoying her class. I love seeing how free she is and her colors she uses. She explains things really thoroughly. This was a fun page that started off with just some stamp images and it just began to take form. I debated on whether to put the hearts on her face. I am such a realist but I am trying so hard to try something new. Hearts on the face---it's all good!
Misty's class is good too. Misty and Suzi are both are extremely talented and at either ends of the spectrum as to their painted faces. I am really amazed at both of them.


Elizabeth said...

Martha! All of yur faces and pages are wonderful!! I think that if you made the faces rounder and the noses shorter and not so narrow, you might get closer to a preteen face. When I think of my own daughter and how her face has changed in the past two to three years, all of the baby fat is gone and her features are much sharper. So I think thta rounding might be the key!!

I wisht that I ahd the time to work on drawing to get even 1/10th as good as you!!

Mary said...

Martha, these are fabulous. Each time I see your pages there is something new and vibrant about them. But they are still definitely you. I am telling you these are luscious.

Do you know Robin Marie at Every Life Has a Story?? She had some of her journal pages published in a book - she did herself. I think it might have been through Blurb. I will have to double check. If you ever are inclined to share your pages I know there are a lot of us that would love to have a book of yours.

Sherry said...

Definitely rounder faces and bones that aren't as defined. Just look at photos of kids the age you're thinking of.
Adult faces are divided in thirds but I'm not sure children's faces are - I know their head to body ratios are different so their facial feature ratios may be also.
I like that you draw faces that aren't cartoonish.

CelticWoman said...

Martha I love both of these but the queen is my favorite. I sent an email to your etsy store, could not find your email addy. Have a great day. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Your girls are stunningly beautiful!
So colourful and just sheer gorgeous!
You can lower the eye level to make younger faces.

Hope you have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Lower and bigger eyes.
I think this will do it?

K said...

As I understood Suzi: bigger head, bigger eyes and closer to the nose and the mouth, smaller, thinner mouth, smaller, shorter nose.

Diane said...

I know, don't you love it? I find that it's helping me loosen up in other things that I'm working on too. That's funny how you say that you want your girls to look younger. I want to draw one with an attitude--just one time :)
P.S. I also love the journaling one both of these pages!

Kelly said...

Hi Martha,
I found your site from Suzi Blu. You are incredible!! I love everything you do, the colors are amazing and your faces are just darling! I will have to follow just to get inspired to do more with my art!!

Jackie said...

Hi ,
Love your new faces! I also couldn't help having a giggle at all the ideas for how to make a childs face,LOL
so I might as well add my two cents.I remember suzi told us that as we emerge into an adult our faces elongate.I also learned from the many workshops that the nose is much closer than adult proportions on a face.

Anonymous said...

Do away with the nose line and just draw in the nose tip, using less shadows that suggest too much bone structure for young childen.
Like the other comments suggest, a round face shape will help.

That being said, you are creating wonderful works of art, whether they are up to your own standards or not, is besides the fact that you are a wonerful artist!

I look forward to your daily posts! they go great with my morning cup of coffee! Thanks.

Createology said...

Both of these are beautiful. Miss Dancing Queen is so pensive and she has the exact look of the shy girl who dances alone in her room that you write about. I am green with envy as I have no drawing genes in me. Keep creating...

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Martha! Your Dancing Queen page is stunning! Both are really beautiful! Hugs, Paulette ;)

peggyapl said...

i just found your website while surfing from one of the blogs that joined One World One Heart. you do beautiful work! i think bigger foreheads (lower eyes) and noses with a lower bridge make younger faces.


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