Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More girls and a "Flapper"

I painted the girl yesterday. I am trying to paint or draw a face a day for practice using different techniques. I decided to place her on a couple of backgrounds because it is fun to do that. I could have gotten out my DJ book and done something more " el manipulation de la extrema" (new Spanish art word I just made up :) but that's for another day. DJ's class is great but I know for me that to learn something on Photoshop and retain it you have to do it alot--and have a need for it so for me I will be referring to her book quite often!

Now for the journal page---ok---don't gasp...

Oh goodness.....she became a flapper! And I think she might look like a "he" in drag. That's a first for me. "She" was having a bad hair day so "she" decided to put on this headband. Well, sometimes they are beautiful and sometimes--not so much. That's what makes the art-world go round. I am getting close to the end of this little red journal. I only have 31/2 more full spreads. I guess you could say that is seven pages. As you see this page started with a little "Teesha-i-zation" (new word for wikipedia) and the renew today was from a magazine. I did the border first awhile back and then later added the "girl" and the Scripture. I thought it fit rather well...the renew today ad from the mag and the Scripture.

Below is another page spread that I forgot to post the other day.

Artist to Artist....The Doorway to inspiration...what does it all mean? Nothing really, I'm just collagilating again and enjoying the process.


Kim Shenberger said...

Mornin' Martha!

Very engaging, as always. I find I spend a lot of time looking and discovering! That's all good!

I did have a question today. In the last image I noticed a trademark symbol. I'm wondering: is that ever a concern when you are using found images to make a collage? Do you ever have to be careful about copyright laws as we do working as calligraphers, or is it OK since you are so clearly repurposing the image?

Inquiring minds want to know. : )

Diane said...

I am loving these pages, and I love your he/she too :) I've just started with the Prisma pencils--never used them before--I like them. I have one little photo that I tried to put up on Suzi's site, but it will only go on my page there. How did you get yours on the main page? I'm on other ning sites, and they're all the same and so is this one, but for some reason I can't get the photo up on the gallery page (you can answer me on Suzi's site :)

CelticWoman said...

Martha you are having a wonderful time and it shows, a perfect Irish lassie and a flapper, great, great sharing. Thanks, Sandi

Cristi - 2 If By Sea said...

Martha, have you have ever considered submitting your journal pages to Art Journaling magazine? They would be such a great fit and it would be great to read more about your collagitating process, lol.

Anna Lucia said...

Dear Martha!

My name is Anna, i live in Rio de Janeiro.
Not tire of looking at your blog!

Very beautiful!!!
Follow you!

lori vliegen said...

i love 'em all, martha.....even the he/she flapper people!!! xoxo, :))

Anonymous said...

Your FACES seem to exude a warmth, they read emotion....I just love them. How's the a face a day mission going?

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Very lovely work Martha!


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