Saturday, April 14, 2012

Todays painting

I must say that I am trying my best to love oils but I just don't love them yet. I might get to love them but right now I have a love hate relationship with them. I still can stamp on the wet oils to make a pattern which I like but it really takes so long to dry and I am an impatient one. I love to varnish really soon after I finish painting and with oils I read you should wait a year! Goodness gracious---
This one was really a hot mess so I decided to do a little palette painting and stamping. Don't know if I saved it or not. It's just one of my 6x6 practice panels so I don't need to get my art panties all in a wad. I still like that distressed look which actually can be achieved with oils but I really can't wipe off so---again--not sure if I am loving oils.


huntla1 said...

Hi Martha. I am not anybody important, just someone who found you at 21 secrets. I am biased because I instantly loved your work and this piece is no different. I am intrigued by you oil "love hate relationship" because I am in a painting class right now using acrylics. The teacher has been telling me the past two sessions that I need to change to oils and I will never look back. But I see you are not a convert.

Lisa Graham Art said...

I really love the smooth look of oils, but I am with you...too much time. This is a beautiful piece...I like your patterns and distressed look too.

What I also like is the choppy brush strokes on the fruit. What do you call that kind of stroke? I am not sure. I tried to achieve that look with a painting I did a long time ago here

Hope you have a great weekend Martha!

fran p. said...

You might have a love-hate relationship with oils, but you would never know it looking at this piece. I really don't like oils....I am also impatient and also don't know when to just leave it alone.

Peggy said...

Many years ago, when I thought I wanted to learn to paint, I took an oil painting class. We painted a lighthouse "Bob Ross style." I disliked working with oils so much, it took me several years before I even tried to paint again...and that was when I took your Color Drop Flowers class! I'm loving Pearology, too, and plan to post pics soon!Your oils look great!


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