Saturday, April 28, 2012


Here is the finished one. It went back to blue as you can see after I completely had to paint the background again after some horrible blue flowers I painted. You can still see remnants of them. My very favorite part is putting in the added text texture and stenciling in the background. The black and white paper is deli paper that I painted black and stamped with an alphabet stamp.  The flowers were never intended to be green but this is how it turned out. Oh how things change!


fran p. said...
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fran p. said...

You are just amazing - and you have so much patience! I would have chosen the slashing with the knife myself. But your endurance paid off....beautiful...just beautiful!

Sorry, I had to delete my first comment...typo's

Gina Sismilich said...

It's lovely - so enjoyed seeing the process - I'm trying to do that more myself - especially as I work on pieces that evolve

Charmingdesigns said...

awesome!!! I never thought of painting whole piece of deli wrap before stamping...its so great...Again, thank you for sharing it is very inspiring!

bohemiannie! art said...

OH YUMMMMMM _ MEEEEEE! I just enrolled in 21 Secrets and delighted that you're teaching a workshop!

Gutsy Arts Girl said...

Well done - a journey just like life. Thanks Martha!

The Introverted Art said...

I really love this piece. Loved even more seeing the process you went through to get there. It's all about the journey, right?

LuLu said...

Howdy Martha,
Congrats! The patterns and textures of this piece are spectacular!

I love your work SO-O much. You're very inspiring.

I use deli paper too - for painting and image transfers and a new/old technique called 'decalcomania'. I also use wax paper for decalcomania - with gesso, glue, medium and acrylic paint. Creates stupendous texture.

Please check out my multi-meida giveaway when you have a moment or 2.


Janie Husband said... is beautiful....i love the flowers in this one, martha.... ;-)

Dawn said...

LOVE it!!!!!

Sharon Lynn Williams said...

This is REALLY lovely Martha! Congratulations on following through with all of these great explorations. Understanding that things are not precious allows us to go back and paint right over them in the search for the 'right' answer.


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