Thursday, April 19, 2012

An apple a day...or just for this day

Ok,  still back to my painting with acrylics and trying to paint everyday. I am not stopping the oils but I have to stop and paint with acrylics to make myself feel better. This one is also textured with a Chevron stencil like yesterday. This one looks better in person than on this green blog background.

Also, have y'all read this from Claudine Hellmuth? It's excellent.

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Gutsy Arts Girl said...

Martha - I am quite amazed by you. I have only begun to follow your work after taking your credit card flowers class. But I am finding you are so skilled in so many mediums and not limited to faces, or flowers or stuck in one expression. Plus your paint so much - I am admittedly envious. :-) I have looked for where you sell your art. SURELY you do????


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